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B Corp Certification

Sal has a wealth of experience supporting a multitude of different kinds of organisations through the B Impact Assessment, from £100M+ turnover, multinational organisations, to sole traders. Sal loves getting into the heart and soul of your business to create a journey to B Corp certification that works for you, from baselining your current performance all the way to celebrating your certification with you.

Materiality & ESG Strategy Development

It's impossible for businesses to tackle every aspect of their ESG performance at once. A materiality assessment helps you to identify your most significant impacts through research, workshops and stakeholder engagement, resulting in 2-3 key topics that will form the basis of your strategy. Sal will help you to shape your ESG goals and KPIs, designing a clear plan for your business to make impactful and measurable improvements.

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Service 2
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Impact Reporting

Being wholly transparent about your current ESG performance and setting out your future commitments is a brilliant way of holding your business accountable to continuous improvement. A legal requirement of being a B Corp, impact reporting supports you with sharing the initiatives you're proud of and engaging all your stakeholders in your ESG journey.

Service 3

Carbon Reporting & Environmental Management

Understanding the environmental impact that your business is having on our planet, is the first step towards management and reduction. Considering energy, water, waste and carbon emissions, Sal can help you to identify your biggest impacts and create an environmental management system which will set you up for agreeing and hitting your future goals.

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Service 4

“We have just worked with Sally to guide us through a very rigorous sustainability audit to deliver our first impact report. Sally was fantastic, knowledgeable, encouraging, challenging (in a good way) and most importantly patient. It's been a huge piece of work for us but Sally made it feel far less overwhelmingly that it could have been. She has made us think differently and better about
sustainability and kept me and my team fully engaged and energised. Sally now works with us every month to ensure we keep to our goals and make our company better for not only us but everyone we work with, and thanks to her support, we are now B Corp Certified too!”

Simon Goff, Founder, FLOOR_STORY (Certified B Corp, February 2024)

"It has been an absolute joy to work with Sal for our BCorp recertification this year at
Bruichladdich Distillery. Sal has a wealth of knowledge and experience- not just on
BCorp but also the key fundamentals behind the requirements, which really enabled us
to get to grips with how we could best tailor our company practices or demonstrate our
alignment with the criteria. Sal has been so positive, proactive and patient throughout,
and I looked forward to all of our sessions together. The recertification process for us

was quite extensive, comprising a rigorous verification stage and an in-depth site audit-
all of which seemed so enjoyable and constructive thanks to Sal’s input and

encouragement. I would love the chance to work with Sal again in the future, and would
highly recommend her to others!"

Lawrence Vellam, Quality & Compliance, Bruichladdich Distillery Company Ltd (Re-certified, September 2023)

NB This work was undertaken as an associate for Greenheart Business Consulting

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