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11 TwentyTwo is passionate about using business as a force for good, and has made a legal commitment to have a material positive impact on people and the planet. Paid client work enables us to spend a significant portion of time volunteering, offering pro-bono skills and giving financial support to a number of not-for-profits. 

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Our founder Sal, donates a minimum of 5% of her time to volunteering for SOS Whitstable, a not-for-profit that she co-founded in 2021 to fight for cleaner seas. So far the group has launched petitions totalling over 500,000 signatures (one of which impacted the 2021 Environment Bill), led three successful protests with over 2000 people in attendance and is regularly asked to comment on sewage pollution in the local, national and occasionally international media. In 2023, Sal was proud to take part in ‘Our Troubled Rivers’ on BBC 2 with Paul Whitehouse, and appeared on Good Morning Britain in a report led by Feargal Sharkey. She has also commented on news features for Sky News, BBC Radio, BBC News, ITV News and Channel 4 and been interviewed about campaigning for both the Guardian and Observer. 

11 TwentyTwo also regularly donates money to and volunteers with various charities and community led organisations, including The Woodland Trust and the Kent Wildlife Trust. 

Finally, we offer discounted consultancy rates to businesses majority owned or lead by individuals from underrepresented populations including women, and will always try to offer support to all businesses who would like to progress their sustainability journey, whatever their budgets. 


11 TwentyTwo commits to abiding by the following Responsible Business Principles

1. Has a purpose which delivers long term sustainable performance
(1) Operates true to a purpose that serves society, respects the dignity of people and
so generates a fair return for responsible investors.
(2) Enables and welcomes public scrutiny of the alignment between stated purpose
and actual performance.

2. Honest and fair with customers and suppliers
(1) Seeks to build lasting relationships with customers and suppliers.
(2) Deals honestly with customers, providing good and safe products and services.
(3) Treats suppliers fairly, pays promptly what it owes and expects its suppliers to do
the same.
(4) Openly shares its knowledge to enable customers and suppliers to make better
informed choices.

3. A responsible and responsive employer
(1) Treats everyone with dignity and provides fair pay for all.
(2) Enables and welcomes constructive dialogue about its behaviour in keeping true to
its purpose.
(3) Fosters innovation, leadership and personal accountability.
(4) Protects and nurtures all who work for it to ensure people also learn, contribute and

4. A good citizen
(1) Considers each person affected by its decisions as if he or she were a member of
each decision-maker’s own community.
(2) Seeks and provides access to opportunities for less privileged people.
(3) Makes a full and fair contribution to society by structuring its business and
operations to pay promptly all taxes that are properly due.

5. A guardian for future generations
(1) Honours its duty to protect the natural world and conserve finite resources.
(2) Contributes knowledge and experience to promote better regulation for the benefit
of society as a whole rather than protecting self-interest.
(3) Invests in developing skills, knowledge and understanding in wider society to
encourage informed citizenship.

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