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B Corp

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B Corporations

B Corporations are businesses that have made a commitment to consider their impact on people and planet, alongside profit. Through the process of certification, they pledge legally to be accountable to not only their shareholders, but also their employees, customers, suppliers, local community, and the environment.


Globally, over 4000 companies, in 77 different countries have certified as B-Corps, forming a community of leaders, dedicated to using business as a force for good. This community believes that the most challenging problems that we are currently facing require change to be implemented from the ground up, and that business has a responsibility to do better. 

B Corps are a safe bet for investors, having gone through a rigorous certification process that ensures future climate related risk is being addressed. Brand equity will increase as consumers turn more and more to ethical brands that they can trust, and potential employees will be attracted to a business who is legally committed to taking care of its staff and that has a clear purpose. It has also been proven to improve performance, with studies showing B Corps growing up to 28x faster than the national average. 

Sal is a B Leader, having studied directly with B Lab UK in October 2021, to develop a deep understanding of the Business Impact Assessment (BIA), and is able to provide support and advice to companies looking to certify. She offers a free 45 minute introduction to the B Corp process, which you can access through contacting her using the below contact form or details.

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